At King of Kings Dallas we value women’s contribution to our economy. We are proud of our Women in Business program, where women come together to encourage business building among each other and offer connections, networking,
recommended resources, and spiritual support. We
feature visiting speakers, business strategists and
women who have accomplished the American Dream.


Owning a business is part of the American Dream. At King of Kings Dallas, we know that small business ownership is the backbone of our economy and our houses of worship.

Our entrepreneurs’ academy meets frequently to share
business ideas, reach out to hire new workers, and support inventors of products and services. From the ice cream stand to the automobile car dealership, franchise ownership, or if you’re still in the planning stages to one day have your own business–we are proud to encourage, bless, and support our members by offering this special program.


King of Kings Dallas thinks all moms are rock stars! We especially celebrate single mothers for their unrelenting contribution to our community and
church. Single moms often travel a road that is more difficult than many can imagine. We understand. We care. We are here to support single moms and boost their spirits, encourage their dreams, and honor their bravery, and talent.


We all experience loss. But what is the key to moving forward and dealing with life’s real-world challenges?
Whether you have lost a loved one or life unexpectedly dealt you heartache and dismay, we care.

Our Bereavement Group meets regularly to share like-minded experiences and be of support to those who may be experiencing one of the most difficult times in their lives.


Teen and youth ministry is an important part of our dedication to young church members. At King of Kings Dallas, we believe all youth can become leaders. We help them to examine their future and to learn leadership skill sets that they can take with them as they mature and one day go to college. King of Kings Dallas leadership skill coursework is completed with a graduation certificate and celebration. Leadership skills for youth include: communications,  decision-making, job interviewing, resume writing, and overall managerial and supervisor tips and tools